FREE AKTION‘s original runway show soundtrack for Julian Klincewicz’s ongoing body of work: “Hey, I Like You”. Premiered at San Diego Art Institute on September 23, 2016.

Composed, recorded & produced by Viktor Sjöberg in Escondido. Vocals by Ashleah Brack. Additional synthesizers by Dan Olsson. The final movement (starts at 13:00) was based on a recording by Kiva Ivey. Executive producer: Julian Klincewicz. Mastered by Jonas Odhner at Sonores Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Read more about the show at i-D!


FREE AKTION play “Escondido Club Music”, a new musical style with its roots in disco, Chicago house music, and the British breakbeat scene of the mid-1990’s. Their debut album, “Be Love Now”, is out now.