Old dogs can learn new tricks. (Video premiere)

FREE AKTION – OLD DOGS by julian klincewicz

“there is nothing permanent, nothing solid, nothing constant except relativity and change” – Ram Dass

Half-Night Records and FREE AKTION are proud to offer you the music video to FREE AKTION’s “Old Dogs”, directed & edited by San Diego-raised artist, skater, and frequent FREE AKTION collaborator, Julian Klincewicz. Julian is known for his past work with Russian fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy and his current projects with Acne Studios and Calvin Klein.

Julian’s unique ability to capture raw human emotion forms a powerful union with with the music of FREE AKTION, presenting a visual context for this self-transformational house anthem. View video here:


FREE AKTION play “Escondido Club Music”, a new musical style with its roots in disco, the British breakbeat scene of the mid-1990’s, and a general sense of oneness. Their debut album, “Be Love Now”, is out now on 12” vinyl LP.

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Julian Klincewicz’s video for Gosha Rubchinskiy’s collaboration with Super Sunglasses. Soundtrack by FREE AKTION: “Living in Freedom”.

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December 21, 2016 – United States of America.

FREE AKTION – “Living in Freedom”

Escondido, CA. In the spirit of buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, we use our music as a weapon to challenge the oppression. We combined our affection for free jazz with that of acid house, and we also recorded a choir at a local Episcopal church. This is our holiday single – an expression of love to override the fear that drives us to judgement of others. At a time of rampant racism, bigotry and hatred, we stand united, with love for all.

“The essence of nonviolence is love. Out of love and the willingness to act selflessly, strategies, tactics, and techniques for a nonviolent struggle arise naturally. Nonviolence is not a dogma; it is a process. Other struggles may be fueled by greed, hatred, fear, or ignorance, but a nonviolent one cannot use such blind sources of energy, for they will destroy those involved and also the struggle itself. Nonviolent action, born of the awareness of suffering and nurtured by love, is the most effective way to confront adversity.” (“Love in Action” by Thich Nhat Hanh)


Written, produced and performed by Viktor Sjöberg for FREE AKTION at Los Arboles Center for Self Development in Escondido, California.

Saxophones by Adrian Åsling Sellius, recorded in Sonores Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Additional vocals by Trinity Episcopal Church Choir, Escondido, California.

Mastered by Jonas Odhner.

Cover photo by Dan Budnik (Will Henry ‘Do-Right’ Rogers with his handmade flag and homemade flagpole during Selma to Montgomery march in 1965.)

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FREE AKTION‘s original runway show soundtrack for Julian Klincewicz’s ongoing body of work: “Hey, I Like You”. Premiered at San Diego Art Institute on September 23, 2016.

Composed, recorded & produced by Viktor Sjöberg in Escondido. Vocals by Ashleah Brack. Additional synthesizers by Dan Olsson. The final movement (starts at 13:00) was based on a recording by Kiva Ivey. Executive producer: Julian Klincewicz. Mastered by Jonas Odhner at Sonores Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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FREE AKTION play “Escondido Club Music”, a new musical style with its roots in disco, Chicago house music, and the British breakbeat scene of the mid-1990’s. Their debut album, “Be Love Now”, is out now.