Swedish songwriter and producer Viktor Sjöberg relocated to Escondido, California five years ago. His new project, FREE AKTION, is a collaborative effort that involves musicians and visual artists from both Sweden and California.

FREE AKTION play “Escondido Club Music”, a new musical style with its roots in disco, Chicago house music, and the British breakbeat scene of the mid-1990’s. Their debut album, “Be Love Now”, is out now. From the free jazz saxophone solo on “Communication (Low, Down, & Dirty)” to the cool house optimism of the title track, FREE AKTION offers the listener meticulously layered pop music. “Be Love Now” features vocals from Jens Lekman, experimental composer Dan Olsson, and – most prominently – San Diego-born performer Jonnae Thompson. The daughter of a pastor, Jonnae’s vocal expression is deeply rooted in spiritual music and a natural fit for the FREE AKTION sound.

FREE AKTION play music with a message of universal love and solidarity, self compassion and true equality. It draws its inspiration from teachers such as Ram Dass and Paramahansa Yogananda, as well as the inherent spirituality of house and disco.