“you could be free, if you wanted”
Tape hiss, a Roland JX-3P synthesizer, and deconstructed disco. The piece blends tropes from the blatant catwalk-house of the early 90’s with ambient landscapes, designed to compliment “HEY, I LIKE YOU”, Julian Klincewicz‘s ongoing work centered around connection, intimacy, and vulnerability.
FREE AKTION‘s soundtrack for “HEY, I LIKE YOU” premiered at San Diego Art Institute on September 23, 2016. Brought to you by Half-Night Records, it is available now through Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc.
More about FREE AKTION: https://freeaktion.com/
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Composed, recorded & produced by Viktor Sjöberg in Escondido. Vocals by Ashleah Brack. Additional synthesizers by Dan Olsson. The final movement (starts at 13:00) was based on a recording by Kiva Ivey. Executive producer: Julian Klincewicz. Mastered by Jonas Odhner at Sonores Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Cover photo by leviena.echev.